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B2 Award Categories

Section 1: Marketers

Category 1: Marketing, Brand and Communications Strategy

Division 1-1: Integrated Marketing Communications Brand Strategy, Global or National

Division 1-2: Thought Leaders Marketing Strategy

Category 2: Marketing Activation

Division 2-1: Customer Acquisition or Retention Campaigns

Division 2-2: Brand Relaunch

Division 2-3: Product/Company Launch

Section 2: Marketers, Agencies, and Other Providers

Category 1: Integrated Marketing Communications

Division 1-1: Integrated Communications Program, Under $250K

Division 1-2: Integrated Communications Program, $250K - $1M

Division 1-3: Integrated Communications Program, Over $1M

Category 2: Corporate Brand Identity

Division 2-1: Corporate Identity Program, Brand Standards/Guidelines, Corporate Logo, Corporate Tagline

Division 2-2: Corporate Branding Campaign, US or Global

Division 2-3: Corporate Communications or Pro Bono Campaign

Category 3: Employer Marketing

Division 3-1: Employer Branding or Internal Communications Program

Division 3-2: Employee Communications; Digital, Print or Video

Category 4: Lead Generation

Division 4-1: Multi-Channel Lead Generation, Small Business

Division 4-2: Multi-Channel Lead Generation, Large Enterprise

Division 4-3: Multi-Channel Lead Generation, C-Level

Category 5: Web Presence

Division 5-1: Microsite or Landing Page

Division 5-2: Website, Under $100K

Division 5-3: Website, Over $100K

Category 6: Direct Response Marketing

Division 6-1: Direct Mail, Flat or Dimensional

Division 6-2: Email, Lead Generation/Nurture

Division 6-3: Broadcast Media, Online, Radio, Lead Gen, Single/Campaign

Division 6-4: Content Marketing

Category 7: Face-to-Face Marketing

Division 7-1: Integrated Trade Show Marketing Program

Division 7-2: Trade Show Exhibit

Division 7-3: Proprietary Company Event, Single/Series

Category 8: Sales-Enablement Tools

Division 8-1: Brochure-Capabilities, Product, Equipment or Parts Catalog, or Technical Bulletins

Division 8-2:  Product/Service Demo (online/video/presentation)

Division 8-3: Channel Partner Engagement Program

Category 9: Digital Advertising


Category 10: Search Advertising (SEM or SEO)  
Category 11: Print Advertising

Division 11-1: Half-Page or Full Page, Single

Division 11-2: Half-Page or Full Page, Campaign

Division 11-3: Spread or Larger, Single or Campaign, Series

Division 11-4: Creative Units (Belly Bands, Cover Tips, and other)

Category 12: Broadcast Advertising (TV, cable, radio)


Category 13: Out-of-Home (print, digital, or experiential)


Category 14: Video Marketing (individual video, campaign or web based)


Category 15: Other Digital Marketing Tools, Programs, or Presentations


Category 16: Social Media Program or Campaign (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter)

Division 16-1: Integrated Social-Media Programs or Campaigns

Division 16-2: Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter Program

Category 17: Public Relations Program or Campaign


Category 18: Custom Publishing - B2B Custom Magazine or Book, Print or Electronic


Category 19: Promotional & Incentive Marketing  
Category 20: Sponsorship Campaign or Program (sports, charity, or business)


Category 21: Miscellaneous

Division 21-1: Posters, Photography, Illustrations

Division 21-2: Agency Promotion

Category 22: Artificial Intelligence (program or campaign)  
Category 23: Augmented Reality (computer-generated image of the real world)  
Category 24: Data/Analytics (use of to build program or campaign)  
Category 25: Innovation (program, idea, campaign, or insight)  
Category 26: Machine Learning (use of in building program or campaign)  
Category 27: People-based Marketing (marketing system centered around individual customer)  
Category 28: Account-based Marketing (individual prospect or customer programs)  
Category 29: ROI/Growth (programs or campaigns that generated significant results)  
Category 30: Product Launch or Relaunch  

Section 3: Top Awards

Category 1: Corporate Marketer of the Year

Large: $1B and Over

Small: Under $1B

Category 2: Agency of the Year

Large: $25M and Over

Small: Under $25M

Category 3: Marketer of the Year Individual Nomination

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