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B2 Award Categories


Section 1


Category 1: Integrated Marketing Communications

A cohesive combination of marketing communications activities, techniques, and media designed to deliver a coordinated message to a target market with a powerful or synergistic effect, while achieving a common objective or set of objectives.

Division 1-1: Integrated Marketing Program, Small Business

Brand with less than $50 million annual revenue

Division 1-2: Integrated Marketing Program, Midsize Business

Brand with $50 million - $1 billion annual revenue

Division 1-3: Integrated Marketing Program, Large Enterprise

Brand with over $1 billion annual revenue

Category 2: Product Launch or Relaunch

Strategic marketing campaigns focused on positioning or re-positioning a product into the market.

Category 3: Sales-Enablement

Marketing functions designed to assist sales teams be successful in their selling efforts to potential buyers and/or retention of existing customers.

Category 4: Public Relations

The cultivation of a positive public image of a brand/enterprise.

Category 5: Employer Branding

Your brand value proposition and communication guiding the market’s perception of your company as an employer.

Category 6: Brand Purpose

How a brand/enterprise separates itself in the market through social responsibility and advocacy.

Category 7: Customer Experience

The use of cross-functional touchpoints to improve the customer’s impression of a brand/enterprise throughout the customer journey.

Category 8: Customer Retention

Marketing measurement, communications activities, techniques, and media specifically designed to drive repeat business through returning customers.

Category 9: Thought Leadership

Content marketing tactics that specifically leverage the talent, experience, and opinions of industry leaders or insight as a result of deep research in a specific area of study.

Category 10: Innovation

Any new method or creative application driving growth in business marketing.

Category 11: Brand Identity

The use of color, design, and logo to create or re-establish visual brand continuity.

Category 12: Web Presence

The selection and coordination of available components to create the layout and structure of websites and web pages.

Division 12-1: Microsite or Landing Page

Auxiliary website with independent links and address or standalone webpage designed to complement your marketing or advertising campaign.

Division 12-2: Website, Under $100K

Design or redesign of a new or existing website with a production budget under $100K

Division 12-3: Website, Over $100K

Design or redesign of a new or existing website with a production budget over $100K

Category 13: Search Marketing

The use of SEO and/or SEM to gain website traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and earned efforts.

Category 14: Lead Generation

Your strategic process of identifying, collecting, and extracting qualified leads.

Division 14-1: Small/Medium Business Lead Generation

Campaigns designed to attract and capture qualified leads, targeting brands/enterprises with less than 500 employees.

Division 14-2: Large Enterprise Lead Generation

Campaigns designed to attract and capture qualified leads, targeting brands/enterprises with over 500 employees.

Division 14-3: C-Level Lead Generation

Campaigns designed to attract and capture qualified leads, targeting c-suite executives.

Category 15: Account-Based Marketing

Highly targeted and personalized communications programs enabled by the alignment of marketing and sales around qualified accounts.

Category 16: Direct Response Marketing

Advertising methods where target audiences can respond directly in order to purchase a product or service.

Division 16-1: Direct Mail

Advertising media delivered by mail through the postal service or other delivery service.

Division 16-2: Email

Advertising media delivered by email through personal or business email addresses.

Category 17: Event Marketing

Promotional strategy through a planned public or social occasion connecting a brand/enterprise with their customers or target audience.

Division 17-1: Trade Show Marketing Program

Marketing programs corresponding directly with an industry tradeshow.

Division 17-2: Trade Show Exhibit

Booths or exhibits designed to showcase and demonstrate new products and services during industry trade shows.

Division 17-3: Proprietary Company Event, Single/Series

A single event or series of events owned by a brand or enterprise.

Division 17-4: Virtual Event, Single/Series

A single event or series of interactive events in which attendees share a common virtual environment on the web.

Category 18: Content Marketing

Techniques of creating and distributing relevant content to targeted audiences—driving profitable customer action.

Division 18-1: Omni-Channel Content Program

Branded content programs deployed across a wide variety of media channels.

Division 18-2: Blog

Frequently updated collections of articles published to a company owned website.

Division 18-3: Magazine (Print or Digital)

A periodically published collections of articles, distributed in print or accessible online.

Division 18-4: Book or eBook

A long form literary composition yielding comprehensive knowledge or understanding, in either print or digital formats.

Division 18-5: Video (Short Form)

Video content under 10 minutes

Division 18-6: Video (Long Form)

Video content over 10 minutes

Division 18-7: Podcast

Any recorded talk series made available in digital audio format for on-demand listening.

Category 19: Social Media

The use of social media networks to achieve marketing goals.

Category 20: Display Advertising

Banners, Rich Media, and Digital Video ads

Category 21: Print Advertising

Advertisements placed in printed media such as magazines and newspapers to reach business customers and prospects.

Category 22: Out-of-Home Advertising

Advertising media that is seen or heard outside of the home.

Category 23: Media Planning

Brand/enterprise advertising campaign plans that include any mix of relevant media including print, digital, tv, radio, out of home, or other to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message and generate a desired response within a designated budget.

Division 23-1: Under $1 Million Budget
Division 23-2: $1 Million - $5 Million Budget
Division 23-3: Over $5 Million Budget


Category 24: Broadcast Advertising

Commercials aired through television or radio.

Category 25: Incentive Marketing

The use of motivational devices to promote the sale of your products or services (Contests, rewards programs, games, etc).

Category 26: Sponsorship Program

Programs where a brand/enterprise has contributed costs or services associated with a project or program in exchange for recognition. Includes sports, charities, community relations, or other.

Category 27: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Use of systems with the ability to automatically learn to improve attribution, segmentation and targeting, lead scoring, customer churn, product/service recommendations, marketing mix, or other business-driving applications.

Category 28: Augmented/Virtual Reality

The use of immersive computer-generated simulation or enhancement of reality to drive awareness of a brand, enterprise, product, or service.

Category 29: Agency Promotion

Creative campaigns deployed with the intention of elevating agencies among new and existing clients.


Section 2: Top Awards


Category 1: B2B In-House Agency of the Year

NEW! This award is open to any team within a brand/enterprise that plans, creates and executes creative B2B marketing focused on internal/external communications or the advertisement of their own brand, product, or service.

Division 1-1: B2B Small In-House Agency of the Year

Under 100 total full-time employees and freelancers

Division 1-2: B2B Large In-House Agency of the Year

Over 100 full-time employees and freelancers

Category 2: Corporate Marketer of the Year

Nominate yourself, your client, or your colleague! Open to individual client-side marketers working full-time for brands of all sizes who are driving growth for their business while elevating B2B marketing—this award is intended for those that demonstrate excellence in marketing strategy, leadership in corporate culture and brand purpose, and thought leadership in their respective industry.

Division 2-1: Small Business Marketer of they Year

Individual client-side marketing leader driving growth for a brand with less than $50 million annual revenue

Division 2-2: Midsize Enterprise Marketer of they Year

Individual client-side marketing leader driving growth for a brand with $50 million - $1 billion annual revenue

Division 2-3: Large Enterprise Marketer of they Year

Individual client-side marketing leader driving growth for a brand with over $1 billion annual revenue

Category 3: Agency of the Year

Open to creative agencies of all sizes driving growth for b2b brands and enterprises—this award is intended for agencies that demonstrate excellence in the execution of their marketing creative, ROI for their clients, and thought leadership in the B2B marketing field.

Division 3-1: Small Agency

Under $10 million annual revenue

Division 3-2: Midsize Agency

$10 - $25 million annual revenue

Division 3-3: Large Agency

Over $25 million annual revenue


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