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B2 Award Categories


General Awards


Integrated Marketing Program: Small to Midsize Business

Small to midsized businesses with up to 999 employees that delivered a coordinated message to a target market and produced a powerful synergistic effect, while achieving its objectives and goals.

Integrated Marketing Program: Large Enterprise

Businesses with more than 1,000 employees that delivered a coordinated message to a target market and produced a powerful synergistic effect, while achieving its objectives and goals.

Large Enterprise Supportive Program

Whether you’re a small business, or a big business marketing to small business and/or medium business is a big opportunity.  Whether you’re a corporate marketer or an advertising agency, if you successfully marketed, served, or helped small business in calendar year 2020, this is category for you.

Product Launch or Relaunch

Strategic marketing campaigns that introduced or re-positioned a B2B product and/or service in the market.

Sales Enablement Program

Marketing initiatives designed to assist and/ or empower sales teams to be more successful in their selling efforts to potential buyers and/or retention of existing customers. Tactics could include: Data, Brochure-Capabilities, Product, Equipment or Parts Catalog, or Technical Bulletins, Product/Service Demo (online/video/presentation).

Channel Partner Program

Programs that support channel partners with the necessary training, tools, and resources they need to positively impact sales and drive revenue.

Public Relations

Cultivation of a positive public image of a brand/enterprise.

Employer Branding

Communication initiatives that engage and inform employees, fostering collaboration, innovation, better understanding of brand values and positive work cultures.

Recruitment Marketing

Programs that drive positive results for talent recruitment, retention and development. 

Brand Purpose

Best use of brand purpose to drive an exceptionally positive impact on the market position of a brand, product or service.

Customer Experience 

Customer experience initiatives that achieved outstanding results and reflect the modern buyer decision-making and customer journey. Could be inclusive of acquisition, retention, and/or lifetime value focused initiatives.

Digital Transformation

Organizations, teams or brands that successfully transitioned  themselves to a more digital direction and improved marketing performance as a result.

Thought Leadership

Content marketing tactics that specifically leverage the talent, experience, and opinions of industry leaders or insight as a result of extensive research in a specific area of study.

Corporate Branding Campaign

Organizations, teams or brands that put brand positioning at the center of a comprehensive campaign to drive business growth and elevate its branding. US and global efforts are eligible.

Corporate Identity Program

Organizations that put design at the center of its business messaging to stand out from the competition and drive business growth - Work in this category may include brand standards/guidelines, corporate logos, and corporate taglines.

Pro Bono Campaign

Marketing campaign offered to a brand, organization, or non-profit for free.

Microsite or Landing Page

Auxiliary website with independent links and address or standalone webpage designed to support your marketing or advertising campaign.

Corporate or Brand Web Site

Exceptional work in creating and executing corporate or brand websites that drive results.

Digital Marketing Tools and Programs

Exceptional use of digital tools to offer the best-possible user experience.

Lead Generation: Small/Medium Business 

Campaigns designed to attract and capture qualified leads, targeting brands/enterprises with less than 999 employees.

Lead Generation: Large Enterprise

Campaigns designed to attract and capture qualified leads, targeting brands/enterprises with more than 1,000 employees.

Demand Generation: Small/Medium Business 

Campaigns designed to generate awareness and attract new people to your business, targeting brands/enterprises with less than 999 employees.

Demand Generation: Large Enterprise

Campaigns designed to generate awareness and attract new people to your business, targeting brands/enterprises with more than 1,000 employees.

Video Marketing 

Marketing that drove measurable results through video content (Individual video or campaign) that met clear objectives such as brand awareness, engagement or lead generation.

Direct Mail, Flat or Dimensional

Targeted communications, delivered by a physical delivery service, that used creativity and data strategy to deliver measurable results.


Outstanding email marketing programs that optimize data, strategy, and creative.

Proprietary Company Event, single/ series

Virtual, in-person, or hybrid events that drive customer or employee engagement to a brand and strengthens relationships.

Trade Show or Conference

Virtual, in-person, or hybrid trade show or conference that reached a large scale target audience and conveyed the organization's message successfully engaging and enhancing the customer or prospect experience and drove results effectively.

Event Marketing Campaign

Engagement campaigns executed for business event, conferences, or trade shows. Includes pre- and post-event campaigns.

Omni-Channel Content Program

Branded content programs deployed across a wide variety of media channels.


Any recorded talk series made available in digital audio format for on-demand listening.

Magazine or book, print or digital

A collection of articles, distributed in print or accessible online.

Educational series

Educational training, masterclasses, webinars, or courses conducted online or in-person that drove significant customer engagement metrics for the brand.

Social Media

Best use of social media in marketing strategies and campaigns to achieve marketing objectives. 

Print Advertising

Best use of advertisements (Half-page or full-page, single or campaign) placed in print media such as magazines and newspapers to reach business customers and prospects.

Out-Of-Home Advertising

Best use of advertising that is seen or heard outside of the home.

Media Plan

Campaign plans that include any mix of relevant media including print, digital, tv, radio, out of home, or other to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message and generate a desired response within a designated budget.

Sponsorship Program

Innovative use of sponsorship and partnership campaigns. Includes planning, supporting, and efforts to leverage sponsorship.

Account-based Marketing

Exceptional use of ABM strategy and tactics (Individual prospect or customer programs) to drive significant results.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Best use of immersive computer-generated simulation or enhancement of reality to drive awareness of a brand, enterprise, product, or service.


Top marketing initiatives that produced exceptional bottom line financial returns or extraordinary business results.

Agency Promotion

Exceptional creative campaigns deployed with the intention of elevating agencies among new and existing clients.


Top Awards

Do you have what it takes to take home a Top B2 Award?
Showcase your best work and lead by example as the 2021 In-House Agency of the Year, Corporate Marketer of the Year, or Agency of the Year. Varying criteria for size and scope will better place your work alongside industry peers for review by a panel of online judges. If your entry lands within the top three highest scores, an in person panel of leading B2B marketing executives will focus sharply on our finalists' work to determine who will take home the gold.

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