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ANA B2 GEM Award

Spotlighting the industry's change makers and influencers committed to the authentic, accurate portrayals of women and girls in their marketing efforts.

Congratulations to our 2024 B2 GEM Award Winners!

Gold: Deloitte for "Deloitte x WNBA: Proud sponsor of professional women everywhere"
Silver: Grant Thornton and Wasserman for "The Grant Thornton Invitational – Two tours. One competition."
Bronze: Ipsos for "The Path"

Gender inequality is the one inequality that is truly global in scope.

Yet, we know that marketing and media can create impactful change by addressing how women and girls are portrayed in advertising and marketing content.

Given this, the ANA’s SeeHer initiative, whose mission is to drive the accurate portrayal of women and girls in media, advertising, marketing and entertainment, has created a unique opportunity for all B2 Award applicants –
The ANA B2 GEM Award.

The ANA B2 GEM Award will honor the top creative and impactful work
that exemplifies the best in class accurate and authentic portrayal of women and/or girls
in B2B marketing and advertising communications.


B2 GEM Award Eligibility
Any submission into the 2024 B2 Awards may also enter the B2 GEM Award. A simple check box is available in the entry system to have your submission(s) considered for this award. Only the highest scoring submissions within their main B2 Award category(s) in the B2 main round of judging will be contenders for a B2 GEM Award. B2 GEM Award submissions will have their creative work go through the GEM® testing process to provide a shortlist of finalists, with the B2 GEM Awards going to the top 3 contenders achieving the highest GEM® scores.

B2 GEM Award winners will be invited to accept their award on stage at the 2024 B2 Awards Gala on June 13, 2024, at the ANA Masters of B2B Marketing Conference.

B2 GEM Awards category finalists will receive a full GEM® Report on their submission(s) which will provide insight into the key themes and drivers of their GEM® Score.

Currently GEM® testing is only available to SeeHer member companies, so this is an exclusive opportunity for B2 Award entrants to obtain a complete GEM® analysis at a fraction of the cost, regardless of their membership status.

Creative Requirements: 

  • All executions must include women and/or girls (animated/virtual humans not applicable) 
  • Any type of VIDEO creative is acceptable. (linear, digital, or social)   
  • Single, isolated, stand-alone unique full-form execution(s) as it ran in market - as the target audience experienced it - is required.  (Edited versions, compilation/sizzle reels are not acceptable)
  • Each individual video creative example must not exceed two minutes.
  • Up to 2 examples are allowed

There is a flat fee of $350 per submission into the ANA B2 GEM specialty category.

GEM® Background
ANA SeeHer’s mission is to accurately portray all women and girls in marketing, advertising, media and entertainment so they see themselves as they truly are and in all their potential. The average age, race, body type and other aspects of women's identity depicted in media represent just a small fraction of the female population. Launched in 2016 in partnership with The Female Quotient (TFQ), the SeeHer movement is an unprecedented coalition of marketers, agencies, and media companies harnessing the collective power of the entire marketing and media ecosystem to make a positive change and set a new industry standards.

To help benchmark success in creating this positive change, ANA SeeHer spearheaded the development of the Gender Equality Measure (GEM®), the first research methodology that quantifies gender bias in ads and programming. GEM® has become the global gold standard for measuring unconscious bias, with over 200,000+ ads tested in markets that represent 87% of worldwide ad spend.

High GEM® scoring ads has also been proven to drive business growth:
• Ads with positive GEM® scores drive purchase intent by 42% among total and female consumers.
• High GEM® scores equal a 56% increase in brand reputation.
• High GEM® scoring ads drive sales ROI by 5x.