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Thought Leadership and Insights

Industry Report

When you want the big picture, turn to the ANA’s Marketing Futures Practice.

It produces industry thought leadership reports highly valued by our members and the industry.

This members-only report features recent B2 Award winner Intel and its marketing solutions provider agency Doremus discussing the power of emotion in marketing.

B2 Awards Live

Last year, ANA Business Marketing produced the Summer Success Series, featuring top B2 Award winners.

Building on this theme, this year the B2 Awards introduced “B2 Awards: Live!” These sessions brought top finalists to our most prestigious stages, both in-person and by video.

In the nine months from October 2020 to July 2021, over 3,000 client-side member individuals and their marketing solutions provider leaders engaged with the ANA through our key forums.

Watch an example.



This year, the ANA produced 800 best-practice peer-based events for our members.

Few are more simple, and understandable, than our weekly webinars.

When we program our events, we know that having work screened by over 200 judges this year alone is worthy of sharing with you.

In this recent case, Schermer, a 30-person shop, and Red Wing Shoes shared their results.

ANA Insight Briefs

ANA Insight Briefs bring together the best ANA content around marketing, including tips, techniques, case studies, and new research, in a timely fashion.

Facebook changed its name to Meta. With the world changing so fast, how do you keep up efficiently, and effectively? Through a peer resource you trust.

Members like you turn to ANA Insight Briefs, like the one pictured here featuring AR campaigns from BNY/Mellon and its B2 Award-winning work.

Case Study

The MarTech 5000 List now has almost 7,000 companies!

So how do you stand out and get noticed, or get your agency seen?

The B2 Awards. Because the Awards guide how we program live speaking events. And our members turn to us for digital peer insights too.

Every B2 winner — whether Gold, Silver, or Bronze — is featured with a case study carefully tagged and cataloged so it’s just a keystroke away for our members when they have a business need or problem to solve, like Account-Based Marketing.