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B2 Awards Judging

Industry leaders who are Director/VP level or higher have the opportunity to become a B2 judge. Judges will give their expert feedback on the most innovative, powerful, and disruptive marketing campaigns of the year. B2 Awards judges are chosen based on their experience and expertise level. Typically we offer a complimentary Awards Gala registration pass to each jurist for their participation.

Here is what prior judges have to say:

Get a front row seat to the best work in the industry before the rest of the industry!

Very rewarding, inspiring to see all the work and great to have discussion with other professionals in the industry.

Judging the ANA B2B awards was an inspiring experience. There is great work being done, built from data-driven customer insights that are driving significant results. Proud to be a part of group that is leading the change in B2B marketing. Amazing group of professionals who came together for great discussion, challenging norms and setting new benchmarks for great in our industry.

A great opportunity to work with a highly experienced and credentialed group of B2B marketing professionals and exchange perspectives to raise the bar of the winning entries.

Would you like to be considered for the B2 Awards jury?

Complete the juror registration form here to be considered. 

Top Jury

The Top Awards recognize the select few in our B2B community, representing the top client-side marketer corporate members of the ANA — marketers, agencies, individuals, teams, and providers considered to be “master class.”

If you’ve never been on our Top Jury or participated in our annual “Jury Day,” it is one of the most interesting days in our year. If you are an agency, provider, or team that wants to see if your work measures up, this is the place for your work to be seen. Thank you to our 2023 Top Jury. We will be announcing our 2024 B2 Awards Top Jury soon!

General Jury

Our general jury of over 200 participants are considered to “be in the know” in the industry. When you volunteer (really just a few hours of your time), we work to match your skills, credentials, industry focus, and acumen to relevant categories and cases. We always ask you to recuse yourself from any entry or category that may present a conflict of interest. And we are available to guide you through the process.

If you are an industry professional who loves the industry we are in, and meet the judging criteria, we welcome you to volunteer for this great experience. Submit your juror registration form here.