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Top Awards

Do you have what it takes to take home a Top B2 Award? Showcase your best work and lead by example as the 2020 In-House Agency of the Year, Corporate Marketer of the Year, or Agency of the Year. Varying criteria for size and scope will better place your work alongside industry peers for review by a panel of online judges. If your entry lands within the top three highest scores, an in person panel of leading B2B marketing executives will focus sharply on our finalists' work to determine who will take home the gold.

Top awards must submit at least three case studies from section one categories to undergo rigorous consideration, so please spend some time crafting the most compelling representation of your brand/agency and work for review and make sure you showcase your diversity of work in section one of the B2 Awards.

In addition to case studies entrants must also supply explainations of:

  • Vision, Innovation, Leadership (200 words max)
  • Thought Leadership (200 words max)
  • Company Culture (200 words max)
  • Business Growth (200 words max)
  • Impact and Momentum (200 words max)


Category 1: B2B In-House Agency of the Year

NEW! This award is open to any team within a brand/enterprise that plans, creates and executes creative B2B marketing focused on internal/external communications or the advertisement of their own brand, product, or service.

B2B Small In-House Agency of the Year

Under 100 total full-time employees and freelancers

B2B Large In-House Agency of the Year

Over 100 full-time employees and freelancers


Category 2: Corporate Marketer of the Year

Nominate yourself, your client, or your colleague! Open to individual client-side marketers working full-time for brands of all sizes who are driving growth for their business while elevating B2B marketing—this award is intended for those that demonstrate excellence in marketing strategy, leadership in corporate culture and brand purpose, and thought leadership in their respective industry.

Small Business Marketer of they Year

Individual client-side marketing leader driving growth for a brand with less than $50 million annual revenue

Midsize Enterprise Marketer of they Year

Individual client-side marketing leader driving growth for a brand with $50 million - $1 billion annual revenue

Large Enterprise Marketer of they Year

Individual client-side marketing leader driving growth for a brand with over $1 billion annual revenue


Category 3: Agency of the Year

Open to creative agencies of all sizes driving growth for b2b brands and enterprises—this award is intended for agencies that demonstrate excellence in the execution of their marketing creative, ROI for their clients, and thought leadership in the B2B marketing field.

Small Agency

Under $10 million annual revenue

Midsize Agency

$10 - $25 million annual revenue

Large Agency

Over $25 million annual revenue



The ANA's B2 Top categories are judged exclusively only by a select group of top client-side marketers of ANA. Prior jurists have included: John Harmeling, CMO at Grant Thornton, Kellie Krug, CMO at Wells Fargo, Toni Clayton-Hine, CMO at Ernst & Young, Linda Brunner, CMO at Siemens.