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The 2022 ANA B2 Awards Entry Period is Now Open! 

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General Information


Judging and Timelines




General Information

Here's how to enter:


How do I enter?   Download Now the 2022 ANA B2 Awards Entry Kit
The first step in entering is logging in with your ANA account credentials. You do not have to be a member to enter. There is no cost to estabilshing credentials. If you have an account and forgot your username or password, resetting it is simple, easy and fast - just follow the on screen prompts when you click the log in button. You can find the button or create an account via the 2022 B2 Awards entry page. If you are an ANA member, you may be eligible for a discounted entry fee as a member. So ANA members use their ANA account credentials. Once you create and access the site with a username and password you will be able to begin the submission process for one or multiple entries across as many categories as your campaign qualifies. You may save and return to your work at any time during the competition period. 

*Note: Word processing programs often include hidden formatting characters that can cause issues with word or character counting across different programs. If you are experiencing this simply copy and paste your content from the source, into Notepad - removing all hidden formatting - and paste into the text box. 

Once you’ve completed your entry, you will be prompted to finalize and pay your entry fee(s) before the final deadline. If payment for an entry is not submitted by the deadline, it will not qualify to be included in the subsequent judging rounds and will be removed from the competition.

When are the deadlines?

  • Open Call for Entries: October 27, 2021
  • Early-Bird Deadline: December 15, 2021
  • Standard Entry Deadline: January 31, 2022
  • FINAL Entry Deadline: February 25, 2022

What are the entry fees for each entry?
The B2 Awards is ANA's largest advertising awards program delivering high ROI on your investment.
(ANA Member/Non-Member)

  • Up to Early Bird Deadline: $350/$475
  • After Early Bird Deadline: $450/$575
  • FINAL Entry Deadline: $550/$675
  • Top Awards: $600

Who can submit an entry?
Anyone. You do not have to be an ANA Member to enter. Corporate marketing teams, agencies, media firms, service providers, in-house agencies, or anyone who worked on a B2B campaign during te qualifying period is eligible to enter this competition.

What campaigns are eligible?
Eligibility for the 2022 B2 Awards: Any B2B marketing campaign that began or ended during the calendar year of 2021.

Can I submit more than one entry?
Yes, you can enter as many entries in as many categories as you wish. Often, campaigns will involve multiple marketing techniques that could fit into more than one category that are worthy of individual recognition.

If you choose to enter the same campaign in multiple categories, you will be asked to explain how it fits into the parameters of each. Entering your campaign into more than one category will increase your chances of winning, but it is important to clearly explain why it is appropriate for each to improve your chances with the judges.

How easy is it to enter the B2 Awards?
Easy! The B2 Awards system is easy to use and leads you clearly through the entry process. You will be able to register, submit your application, and copy your entries into various categories with one fluid process.

What do I need in order to complete my entry?
In order to enter the B2 Awards, you will need to fully complete the entry submission form. You will also need to upload supporting creative materials (images, videos, etc.) for your campaign.

* Tech Specifications for Creative Examples
Image Files: Submit images in any of the following formats: PDF, GIF, PNG, or JPG
Audio Files: Submit audio files in .mp3, .mp4 or .wav, or Windows Media Audio (.wma) format.
Video Files:

  • Format: Apple QuickTime (WMA/WMV files are not accepted.)
  • Codec: ProRes 422, H.264, MP4. M4V, or uncompressed MOV
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 or 1280x720 for 16:9 format; 1440x1080 or 960x720 for 4:3 format. File should be at least 100MB per 60 seconds of video.
  • Video to be limited to 180 seconds, with a suggested runtime of 120 seconds. We strongly urge you to submit a video along with your entry, especially if you make it to the first final round. Judges rely on these videos to help explain the case study and ultimate outcome of your campaign.

Do NOT include the agency name (or indicate/mention the name of the agency) except where specifically indicated on the entry form. Any mention of the submitting agency in the body of the Entry Form is grounds for disqualification.

How do I submit multiple entries? Can I submit the same entry into more than one Category?
The application system will allow you to submit more than one entry. If there are major differences between your entries, you will likely want to begin a new entry from scratch. You can do so by clicking on the "Make Another Application" link on the left-hand side of the submission page; this will create a blank application, and you can enter information that is completely new. You also have the option of copying your entry by clicking the "Copy Submission" link in your account.

Is there a sample entry form that I can review and fill out offline?
A sample entry form listing ALL the essentials, including the file specifications for the creative/content elements is available either as an editable Word Document (.docx). There are four unique sample forms depending on the categories you are entering - please note these are for you and your team to use offline to prepare your submissions.  All elements of your entries will need to be directly typed into the entry system portal.  To assist in your preparations, the sample submission forms are:

Can I view my submission before finalizing?
You can view your in-progress application by clicking on the "My Applications" link on the left side of your account and click "Edit" to make updates.

How often can I edit my entry?
You have access to edit and update your entry as often as you would like until you "Checkout" (finalize and pay for any entries in your shopping cart). Once you have submitted your entry, you will have access to the read-only file. All entries must be finalized and submitted before the deadline. All entries not finalized before the deadline will not be judged.

To edit your entry, log-in to your account and you will see all the entries you have in your account. Click on “Edit” on any of the entries listed to make changes to your submission.

Can I submit a link/URL of a website or microsite that was used in the campaign?
Yes, you can enter a link in the URL field in your entry. However, please be sure the link is live and will be live until after the end of May 2022 and the 2022 ANA Masters of B2B Marketing Conference (once the winners have been announced). Some judges prefer viewing all the materials in the submission and not linking to a separate window, so we recommend taking screen grabs of the site and putting them in a PDF and uploading the PDF to your submission if possible.

Can I print my B2 Award entry?
Yes. In order to print your entry while you are still working on it, please press the 'Ctrl' key and the 'P' key. This will print the page you are on. Please click through each page of your application and press 'Ctrl + P' to print each part.

Once your entry is marked as "Complete", you will be able to print your entire B2 Award entry at once. In order to complete your entry, you must "Checkout" and pay for your entry. Then you will be able to print using the "Print" link.

What are the entry requirements for the 2022 B2 Awards?

  • Creative you are submitting must have been implemented during the calendar year 2021.
  • Entry materials must be submitted through the online entry form
  • No physical submission required
  • You must provide downloadable files or URLs for links to WEB SITES, VIDEO files, AUDIO files, as well as links to blogs, social media, etc.
  • Descriptive fields are each limited in charicaters, so please be mindful when entering descriptions

Can others view my entry before it is submitted?
Yes, if you provide others with your B2 Awards entry system log-in information, they can then enter your account and see your entry. You may also print your entry, and share that way.

Who won last year’s B2 Awards?
Click here to view our list of last year's winners.

Are there gold, silver, bronze awards in every category?
The bar set by the jury in determining which submissions were worthy of B2 Awards has never been higher – a threshold of achievment needs to be met in order to earn a Gold, Silver or Bronze B2 Award.  Some categories will not be awarding all three levels of B2s and some categories may not achieve award winners at all. If a category is only eligible for one level award, it will be noted.

How do I write an award-winning submission?
We have a series of resources to help you out including case studies from last year's winners here 
(Please note that this area of content is available for ANA members-only.)

When and where will the B2 Awards be presented?
Please visit the Gala page updates for details.

How do I become a sponsor of the B2 Awards?
Sponsorship packages are available and can be customized and tailored to meet your company’s business needs. To learn how to become a sponsor or for more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Sponsorship team today at sponsorship@ana.net.

How do I become an ANA Member?
To learn how to become an ANA Corporate or Associate Member, please click here.


Terms and Conditions

Click here for complete 2022 ANA B2 Awards Terms and Conditions.


What if my campaign results are not in before the regular deadline?
Enter as many results as you can at that point in time (i.e., selling results) and indicate that your final results were not available before your submission. There must be some results included in order to qualify.

What if my results are confidential?
The B2 Awards are judged on results. Your entry should have at the minimum indices to show the judges the results, or handled in such a way to not create any confidentiality issues for you.

What should you do if your client does not want to share results?
Consider including additional program goals that may have been unspoken secondary goals, or even sub-goals. Make sure that the results that you are able to share connect to your program goals in some capacity, or use metrics that can show clear value.

Judging and Timelines

When will my entry be judged and winners announced?

  • General Awards Judging - March 2022 
  • Top Awards Judging - April 2022
  • B2 Awards Gala: May 2022

When will I know if my entry is among the finalists?
General and Top Awards Category finalists will be announced in April 2022 on the ANA and B2 Awards website. Winners will be revealed at the B2 Awards Gala at the ANA Masters of B2B Marketing Conference being held May 23-25, 2022 in Phoenix.

Who are the judges?
Client side marketer corporate members make up a good portion of the ANA B2 Award judges and jury. B2B professionals from all areas of the ANA, including chapter leaders, and committee members, among many others also participate. The jurist candidates are screened by the ANA and are assigned to judge entries from categories in which they have expertise. Judges do not participate in the evaluation of campaigns or categories in which they had any involvement.


What are the Top Awards Categories?

All the categories - including the Top Award Categories - can be found on the Categories page of this site. b2awards.com. Exceptional Insight, Extraordinary Results - Effective is just the beginning.

The Top Awards recognize the select few in our B2B community - representing marketers, agencies, individuals, teams and providers considered to be “master class” when it comes to successful strategic design, superior creative insight and exceptional application, tactical implementation throughput that all culminate in measurable and demonstrable business results and growth that go beyond simply meeting a business goal, and approach setting a new standard.

Winners show a sustained, high level of excellence, representing a diverse portfolio of expertise, and the effective implementation of business marketing solutions and thought leadership in the B2B marketing field. Submissions need to showcase a comprehensive collection of B2B marketing- at least three areas of expertise needs to be showcased.

ANA reserves the right to reassign any/all submissions to ensure entries are appropriately categorized.


When can I expect my trophy? Where will it be shipped to?
After the Awards Gala, all award winners will have the opportunity to arrange for their trophies via a customized B2 Award trophy website. A link to this site will be posted on this site after the gala.